What to do in Varazze

Varazze Night Life

Of course Liguria is not famous for its vibrant nightlife but the Port of Marina di Varazze and the downtown a few steps from the hotel are full of bars and restaurants frequented by tourists and young locals.


The “Superba” is the capital of our region, a monumental and ancient city overlooking the Ligurian Sea, a port city linked to commerce and seafaring.

Sports and Nature

Surf Varazze is one of the most famous surfing resorts in Italy. Surrounded by the sea are three waves that characterize its surf spots: the Secca of Varazze beside the surf pier, Il nautilus and La Santa. From the white beaches or the tourist promenade it is possible...

Beach and Relax

The coast of Varazze is full of beaches and beach resort where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation, sunbathing or swimming in the summer heat.

Eats and Drinks

Liguria is a land rich in genuine wines and typical products, tastes of land and sea, every season have its dishes of Ligurian cuisine to be tasted. From the trofie al pesto, the precious Ligurian sauce, to the porcini mushrooms, from the stockfish to la cima a rich...